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Dependable Rain Gutter Installation Experts

Master Rain Gutters & Exteriors provides comprehensive rain gutter installation solutions for property owners in Salt Lake County, UT. Functional gutters help divert water from your home, protecting your siding and foundation. Whether you’re looking to replace your existing gutters or want to install heat cables or snow stops our professionals precisely and quickly handle the job. No job is too big or small for us. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

gutters on top of the house

Stand Out With K Style Rain Gutters and Downspouts

One of the more common rain gutter choices is the K-Style. They provide customers with a variety of styles and materials to select from. K-Style rain gutters and downspouts fit well into modern homes and are easy to install. A benefit to using this style is that it provides a seamless finish, making your gutters less prone to leaks and helping you avoid water damage. K-style gutters can hold and divert more water than round ones, but they are harder to clean due to their shape.

Experience the Benefits of Half-Round Gutters and Downspouts

Half-round rain gutters and downspouts resemble a tube cut in half. The symmetrical round shape complements the look of older, more historic homes. Because they do not have a flat side, installation is a bit trickier. But our professionals have the know-how and experience to get the job done right the first time. The way half-round gutters are built improves their durability and helps prevent the metal from corroding over time. The smooth surface decreases the space for water to pool. Half-round gutters are easier to clean and require less maintenance than K-Style rain gutters.

Control the Water Flow With a New Drain

Your roof and gutter’s drainage system is built to help divert water and debris through the downspout and away from your property. This is to help reduce the chance of water pooling or debris causing complications that can lead to gutter or siding damage or even difficulties with your foundation. Our professionals can help you precisely determine the best place to have the ground soak up the water while avoiding further complications to your home or property.

new gutters installed in house

Make Cleaning Easy With a Leaf Cover

Installing leaf covers helps ensure your gutters can efficiently remove water without the worry of clogging. Depending on your chosen surface, they can help prevent pine needles, leaves, pests, and more from getting into your gutters and downspouts. Leaf covers also help when it comes time for your yearly cleaning. With the proper protection installed, you’ll no longer have to spend time removing debris from your gutters. Trust our team to install your new leaf covers so you can rest easy.

Divert Water With a Rain Chain

Add curb appeal to your home with our rain chain installation solutions. These can help replace traditional downspouts. Our rain chains are built to last as they are manufactured using durable materials such as copper. Rain chains are more accessible, customizable, and easier to clean than downspouts, reducing the chance of clogging. They can also divert water over a garden ensuring all your plants receive ample water. Rain chains are an affordable alternative to downspouts, allowing customers to further personalize their homes without losing functionality.

Protect Your Home With Our Snow Stops

Snow and ice accumulating on your roof can be dangerous. Ensuring your home is protected from snow sliding off and damaging your top with our snow stops. Our snow stops allow snow to melt gradually while funneling through your gutters and downspouts while avoiding any harm to your room. Not only do our snow stops protect your roof, but they also help protect individuals from snow and ice sliding off the roof toward them. All of our snow stop installations come with a five-year warranty.

new Leaf Guards

Prevent Ice by Installing a Heat Cable

The weight of snow and ice can damage and weaken your roof. Ice can build up in your gutter, preventing water from draining correctly. Avoid the possibility of moisture getting under your shingles and the chance of costly repairs with our heat cable installation. Our professionals can accurately and quickly install your new heat cables in time for the winter weather. Avoid any unnecessary costs and repairs with our heat cable installation solutions.

Locally Trusted Installation Professionals

We offer our customers in Salt Lake County and Utah County, UT, a wide variety of rain gutter installation solutions. When our professionals begin any installation, we pay great attention to detail to ensure we provide a superior quality of work. Regardless of the service you need, we provide precise and efficient seamless installations. Master Rain Gutters & Exteriors are the gutter installation experts you can trust. Call us today to ensure your gutter system gets the care and attention it needs.

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