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Industry Forerunner in Summit County, UT

Commercial properties are not free from the damages caused by rainwater when it’s not correctly diverted. Master Rain Gutters & Exteriors offers precise and efficient commercial rain gutter services to clients in Summit County, UT, and surrounding counties. Failure to adequately protect your property from water damage can harm your curb appeal and even affect your foundation, creating additional issues. Our team has the know-how to seamlessly install gutters designed to handle large quantities of water and protect your property. Contact us to find out more about our solutions.

Rain gutter on a house wall and blue sky

Most Common Commercial Gutters and Downspouts

Commercial properties have more demanding requirements since larger structures require premium materials and bigger sizes to manage all the water efficiently, especially in rainy seasons. Most commercial gutters and downspouts must meet some legal or building code dependent on the county the property is in. With those factors in mind, there are two common gutter styles, the K-Style and the box gutter:

  • K-Style – One of the most popular gutter styles on the market. They offer a seamless finish, making them less prone to leaks, and because of the design, they can handle more water than half-round gutters. K-Style gutters provide the strength and durability larger structures require to hold such heavy gutter systems.
  • Box Gutters – This is the most common preferred style for commercial properties. They are designed to specially meet more significant property demands, including the amount of water the gutters need to divert. If maintained properly, they can last for several years and don’t damage early in extreme weather.

Importance of Routine Maintenance

Maintaining a commercial gutter system isn’t difficult, but it is vital. A poorly maintained gutter will eventually fail, leading to further complications such as water damage, siding damage, and more. We recommend that all commercial gutter systems be cleaned twice a year and inspected yearly to catch complications before they become other problems. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to identify problem areas and quickly address any concerns. A proactive approach can save business money.

Committed to Providing High-Quality Service

We install commercial rain gutters built to protect your property, increasing your curb appeal and property value. Our technicians have the solutions to handle any job, whether large or small. When you work with us, you’ll receive our 5-star approach to customer service. The team has the attention to detail needed to ensure a superior quality of work, further protecting your commercial property. Contact us to learn more about our commercial services and to schedule your consultation.

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